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Functional & ergonomic KTX 2 is a funky yet functional heating element controller equipped with 5-step medium heating temperature regulation within 30÷60°C. A 2-hour timer gives you the comfort of not having to worry about turning the controller off. This is convenient, especially when drying clothes. Another advantage of this device is the Anti-Freeze function which protects the heating medium from freezing.

Model KTX-2
Power 200 a 1000 W
Color Branco, Cinza e Cromado
Malfunction alarm
Double protection against overheating and fire (max. 60ºC)
Automatic protection against freezing temp. less than 5-7ºC
5 Positions temperature control (30 ° C to 60 ° C)
3 power control positions (0%, 50%, 100%) X
Different alarm modes: sensor failure, resistance and overheating
5 LEDs indicating the temperature control
Time programming ON / OFF after 2 hours
Time schedule with 2 periods X
Radiator temperature regulation or room temperature with 1 ° C breaks X
LCD with current temperature erelógio X
Indicator LED X
Protection Class IP x5
Isolation Level Classe 1

- Available - X Not Available


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Âmbito do Certificado:
“ Concepção, Desenvolvimento e Fabricação de Toalheiros Radiadores (Línea /Flat Línea /Flat Square/Round Línea). Fabrico de Produtos Metálicos Decorativos. Serralharia Civil.”
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