Active since 1996, INOXAVE is recognized today as an industry of metalwork with quality and certified services.
We are a solid company, with a know-how developed along 17 years of practical experience, technical improvements and research.

In 2010 INOXAVE was distinguished as PME leader, on the scope of FINCRESCE program, promoted by IAPMEI, which aim to reinforce the visibility of the companies by their economical and financial performance.
Aware of the importance of this honorable distinction for the national economical context, we highlight the contribution of all the entities that help us to achieve this brilliant award, namely, our collaborators, banc institutions, suppliers and clients.

We provide to our clients a vast scale of products and services on the sector of Construction metalworks, with knowledge and solutions specifically developed for clients with specific needs.

In order to answer to the new market demands, we offer a variety of services and products with quality and competitivity:

Brushing, Polishing, Stripping, Bending, Calendering and Welding.
Products: Civil metalwork, Metallic Structures, Aluminum window Framing, Heating.

We are specialized on the manufacture of Metallic Products for 4 distinct areas: Construction; Industry, Heating and Multimedia Kiosks, acting on the internal and external market:

Civil construction metalwork:
Entrepreneurial and versatile, INOXAVE is under constant evolution, investing in specialized equipment, placing in a position of excellence to face the architecture demands in terms of design and new tendencies.

Since ever, INOXAVE put its efforts on its differentiation, developing products of quality using noble materials.
Within the creative experience obtained along the years, we develop models of Towel rack and of Stainless steel Radiators, which connect the perfect link between Art and Design, ensuring comfort and harmony.  

Industrial Equipment:
With a highly qualified technical team, able to develop projects and ideas, INOXAVE is the ideal partner for Industries, able to give personalized answers, transforming problems in solutions.

Multimedia Kiosks:
Kiosystem, a company of technologies of information from INOXAVE group, is dedicated to the development  and production of interactive information points, normally named as multimedia kiosks.
We have a variety of models and hardware integrated solutions available, which meet integrally the most demanding requirements of the software based technologies.


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Âmbito do Certificado:
“ Concepção, Desenvolvimento e Fabricação de Toalheiros Radiadores (Línea /Flat Línea /Flat Square/Round Línea). Fabrico de Produtos Metálicos Decorativos. Serralharia Civil.”
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