Stripping with glass microspheres produces a clean, brilliant and satiny finishing, without dimensional alteration of the parts. Available in a vast range of grain sizes, the glass microspheres are used mostly in cabinets of stripping for sharpening procedures, polishing, shot-peening, surface finishing, oxidation removal and cleaning of small contaminants. There are used for the treatment of delicate and thin pieces, welding cords and molds. The projection of these microspheres allows to reach the ideal equilibrium of elimination of tensions without causing over tension or surface damages on the pieces, making it the abrasive of election for shot-peening procedures.

Stripping with stainless steel chromium microspheres allows higher mechanical efficiency due to its form and hardness, being more economic when compared with the variant chromium-nickel and it was specially developed for operations of cleaning with low demanding degree in what concerns shinning or corrosion resistance. The abrasives of stainless steel are used for surface cleaning, preparation and finishing of non iron metals and for the foundry of stainless steel, as well as for granite and marble.

Stripping with stainless steel chromium-nickel microspheres was specially developed for the stripping of non iron materials with high protection demandings against corrosion and surface brightness. The abrasives of stainless steel are used The abrasives of stainless steel are used for surface cleaning, preparation and finishing of non iron metals and for the foundry of stainless steel, as well as for granite and marble.

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“ Concepção, Desenvolvimento e Fabricação de Toalheiros Radiadores (Línea /Flat Línea /Flat Square/Round Línea). Fabrico de Produtos Metálicos Decorativos. Serralharia Civil.”
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